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Without color, as black, white, and shades of gray.
affine transform
A transformation which preserves parallelism of lines.
A simulation of movement created by displaying a series of pictures, or frames.
A form of interpolation used in graphics display technology when combining images; pixels along the transitions between images are averaged to provide a smooth transition.
A small program that is intended not to be run on its own, but rather to be embedded inside another application.
A section of a circle.
The distance which the characters rise above the baseline.
A package of GUI classes which was part of the original Java version.
(Type) The imaginary line on which all of the characters rest.
A display which shows images in only 2 colors.
binary operator
An operator which takes two operands
A Microsoft graphics file format for (usually) device independent bitmaps.
Border Layout
(Java) A layout manager which divides the area into center, north, south, east, and west regions.
Box Layout
(Java) A layout manager which arranges components in either a single row or a single column.
The perceived intensity of light source.
check box
A GUI component which is intended to be selected or deselected, independently of other GUI selections.
A straight line segment between two points on a curve.
A curved planar figure, all points of which are the same distance from a fixed point called the center.
A composite type which can contain both data and subprograms, and which can participate in inheritance.
The restriction of graphics display to a designated area.
color gamut
The entire range of hues possible to reproduce using a specific device, such as a computer screen, or system, such as four-color process printing.
The measurement of color.
A translator from a high level language to a low level language.
complementary colors
Colors which are on opposite sides of a color wheel.
The distance which the characters fall beneath the baseline.
dynamic range
The ratio between maximum and minimum intensities.
A line segment between two vertices.
A curved planar figure, the locus of all points which have the same total distance from two fixed points called the foci.
excitation purity
The physical purity of a color.
Flow Layout
(Java) A layout manager which arranges components in rows from left to right, and top to bottom.
A set of character glyphs, usually consistent in size, face, and style.
gamma correction
Correction for nonlinearities of luminance to brightness.
A bit mapped graphics file format which uses LZW compression and a 256 (maximum) color palette.
Grid Layout
(Java) A layout manager which divides the area into a specified number of rows and columns.
A graphic, mouse-oriented paradigm which allows the user to interact with a computer.
A printing technique which uses dot size to control lightness.
The perceived dominant color.
A program expressed in one language which executes programs expressed in another language.
Java component
A visual GUI item.
Java container
A visual GUI window which can be used to hold Java components.
Java package
A set of Java classes organized for convenience in the same directory.
A lossy compression technique for color images.
layout manager
A Java class which handles the arrangement of visual objects, as in a panel.
The space between lines of type.
The perceived intensity of a light reflecting surface.
The physical intensity of light.
monochromatic light
Light consisting of a single wavelength.
A variable which is the instantiation of a class.
object-oriented programming
A style of programming that defines data as objects with attributes and methods that are applied to those objects, and which can be inherited by other objects.
A closed figure made by joining line segments, with each line segment intersecting exactly two others.
The ability to be easily accessed or run by different systems and applications.
radio button
A GUI component which can be grouped to allow selection of a single choice from the group
raster graphics
Generation of images as a collection of small, independently controlled dots (pixels) arranged in rows and columns.
A plane figure with 4 sides and 4 right angles.
A transformation which linearly changes the angle between the vector to a point and one of the axes, without changing the distance of the point from the origin.
The perceived purity of a color.
A transformation in which each coordinate is multipled by a factor.
Appearing the same at all magnifications.
Artists' term for a color produced by mixing black with a colored pigment.
shear transform
A transformation in which the change in one coordinate is linearly related to another coordinate.
A Java 2 package of GUI classes
Artists' term for a color produced by mixing white with a colored pigment.
Artists' term for a color produced by mixing black and white with a colored pigment.
Uniform translation of points to a new location without change in the size or orientation of an object.
unary operator
An operator with a single operand.
vector graphics
Generation of images from mathematical descriptions that determine the position, length, and direction in which lines are drawn.
The vertices of a polygon are the points where its sides intersect.

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